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Physical and Occupational Therapy Services in Springfield VA

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Our FCE is a thorough, standardized and consistent test based on a set of medically researched procedures designed to identify the worker’s abilities, define limitations, and determine validity of effort. Performed by a licensed therapist, this evaluation is very useful to referring physicians, case managers and adjusters as the standard in facilitating case closure or determining the type of suitable rehab program.

Work Hardening Program

Our Work Hardening Program is a highly structured, goal oriented and individualized program designed to return the patient to work. It uses real or simulated work activities designed to restore physical, behavioral, and vocational function. Participation time is in multi-hour sessions up to 8 hours/day with a frequency of 5 days per week.

Work Conditioning Program

Our Work Conditioning program is customized for the patient. It is an intensive, work-related, goal oriented conditioning program used to restore physical capacity and function in order for a patient to return to work. This program utilizes physical conditioning and functional activities to achieve its objectives. Participation time is in multi- hour sessions up to 4 hours/day with a frequency of up to 5 days per week.

Work Simulation

Advanced Work Rehab Center offers Work Simulation tasks for the injured worker who, due to lack of strength, range of motion, endurance, or other deificts, cannot perform or fulfil their job demands. The simulated work activities resemble the injured workers real and actual job tasks and help to restore their productivity, physical tolerance, and vocational and behavioral function. A gradual progression is made in the frequency, load and duration of simulated tasks to mimic a typical work day. Work Simulation tasks developed by us enhance a worker’s strength, physical conditioning, tolerance, and ability to manage work stress which will result in increased productivity. In addition to the Work Simulation, we educate the worker on proper body mechanics and injury prevention techniques to prevent future injury.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Here at Advanced Work Rehab, we are committed to getting the injured employee back to work as quickly as possible. We have physical therapists who specialize in treating work injuries. After a thorough assessment, our therapist will design an individualized treatment program catering to the injured worker’s injury and job requirements. During the treatment, the injured worker will also be educated on techniques to prevent re-injury and will be taught task and behavior modification, if needed. Early and proper intervention through proper and targeted physical therapy and hand therapy is the key to minimizing lost work time.

Job Site Analysis

The Specialist Therapist can perform a job site walkthrough to determine the particular job duties and requirements for the injured worker to fulfill all essential job functions. The therapists will observe, measure, weigh and videotape to determine the job requirements and will then prepare a comprehensive report.