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"My therapist at the Advanced Work Rehab Center encouraged me with my return to work program. She evaluated me and put me in the work-hardening program according to my strength and the job I needed to return to. She constantly encouraged me, even on the days I felt like I could not do much. She talked to me about the importance of returning to work soon and I ended up going back to work faster than expected! Thank you for your support and encouragement." Frank Davis
"The Work Hardening program made by Advanced Work Rehab Center for me had not only helped me return back to work in 3 weeks but also made my work much easier." Linda R.
"Advanced Work Rehab Center’s on-site evaluations and injury prevention lessons are key to workers’ successful return to job. The staff is courteous and polite and strives to provide specialized and personalized care to each and every patient." Mark W.
"The care and attention provided by every single person at Advanced Work Rehab Center really help the patients to push through and improve their level of employability as well. I would never be able to get back to my job this early without the support of my therapist and staff." Bridget Moloek.
"The simulated work conditions, re-conditioning and body re-training provided during work hardening and conditioning programs had helped me a lot to ramp back up to my job with more confidence and vitality."Kevin B.
"Therapists and staff at Advanced Work Rehab Center through their experience and expertise had not only helped me to identify my roadblocks to return to work but also addressed them in best possible ways with the help of various cutting –edge techniques and therapies. They have helped me to come out in the best and smarter shape of my life." Jacqui MacMeekin.